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The current feature of the Server:

  • DDtank II Server with many Instance:

    Gulu, Ant, Evil Chickens!, Tribe ,Castle and Dragon and Gulu Sport
  • Wind system and angel is work.
  • Spa and Card System is work.
  • All the Item of newest version.
  • Free Coin

Emaill support : support@ddtankwind.us



Fight with or against your friends in this fun browser game. Discover the quirky NPCs, intense combat, significant character customization, and a rich colorful setting..

DDTank is a browser-based online game rich in content and adventure. Enter the DDTank Chamber Room and challenge other players or entire leagues to exciting fights. Using gold you can purchase various power-up items that can be used in battle.

There are four skills that your character has in DDTank including attack, defense, agility and luck. As you engage in battle, the skills’ stats decline, so it is important to monitor them closely. There are a host of weapons at your disposal in DDTank. Each of them has the ability to be fortified, decorated and personally customized to your personal liking. Weaponry can also be synthesized and strengthened using the metallurgy feature. Your appearance in the quirky browser game is fully customizable, as is the chat box. Not only will you participate in exciting PvP combat in DDTank, but you can also engage in social networking with other players. Players can propose to each other and even get married in this fun browser game. By getting married you will receive unique husband-and-wife perks, including extra EXP points.


DDTank is a turned-based PvP shooter, with many aspects of a free MMO game. Carrying on in the tradition of hit games like GunBound but played right in your web browser window, DDTank combines an assortment of different weapon types and a variety of social features. Players must hit their opponents across the map using careful aiming while taking into account things such as map elevation and wind velocity. DDTank is both fun to play and easy to learn.

Battle your friends, conquer dungeons, customize your avatar and even get married in this new turn-based shooter. Addictive game play with no download required! Play Free

  1. Maps that feature up to 4v4 battles with other players!
  2. Collect helpful power-ups to help defeat your enemy
  3. Upgrade your equipment to give youself an edge in battle
  4. Customize the look of your character and deck them out hot outfits
  5. Make new friends and even get married in-game!
  6. No download needed! Join the growing community and get started right away with DDTank!